What does the Med BIKE service stand for?
    The Med BIKE system is the first public service for bicycle transport in the Municipality of Medulin. It can be used in the area of the Municipality of Medulin and the City of Pula. By applying to the Med BIKE points (Platana bar, Portić, Banjole and NLK trgovina i distribucija d.o.o., Centar 134, Medulin) users get a code for the use of a public bicycle.

    The Med BIKE system may be used every day, 7 days in a week, in the period from 8 a.m. to 18 p.m. The service users may use the bicycle for a maximum of 2 hours and the bicycle has to be returned to a parking rack in this period of time. Bikes may be returned to any parking rack at any bicycle station in the Municipality of Medulin or any public bicycle system of the City of Pula – Bičikleta.

    Med BIKE does not guarantee to its users that a free bicycle will always be at their disposal (according to their wishes) or that there will be a free parking rack to return the bicycle to. In such a case, users may take over the bicycle on the next station which has available bicycles, and they have to return the bicycles on the next station with free parking racks. Users will be offered information about free bicycles and parking racks at each pile.

    How to use the Med BIKE?
    Step 1:

    Go to the Med BIKE point (Platana bar, Portić, Banjole and NLK trgovina i distribucija d.o.o., Centar 134, Medulin) and enter a Contract of lease. Before closing the contract, get informed about your rights and obligations found in the General Terms of the Med BIKE System Use. After closing the Contract and paying for the lease, the operator will issue the RFID card or the single-use code for the bicycle lease.
    Step 2:
    The bicycle can be unlocked on each Med BIKE terminal by leaning the card on the place marked for it on the parking rack or by entering the single-use code to the Med BIKE pile after which the number of the bicycle ready to be used will be shown.
    Step 3:
    After the acoustic signal, the bicycle may be taken over and ridden for a maximum of 120 minutes and it must be returned to the first available parking rack inside this period.
    Step 4:
    Bring the bicycle back to the parking rack. After the acoustic signal the bicycle will be locked, while the symbol of a locked padlock shown in the parking place indicates that the bicycle has been properly returned.

    What is the price of using the bicycles?
    From 10 kuna (VAT included) per mechanical bicycle and from 20 kuna for electric bicycle

    Payments should be effectuated by credit card only (Amex, Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Mastercard Electronic, Maestro) directly at the sale point.

    Does the Med BIKE service have any sort of insurance?
    The Med BIKE bicycles are public use bicycles and as such they have to be at the largest number of users’ disposal. That is why one user may use the bicycle for a maximal period of 120 minutes for one ride. In case the bicycle is not brought back in the prescribed period, the User will be warned of the infraction. If the infraction is repeated for a 2nd time, the User will be banned from using the bicycles for a period of one month, while the repetition of the infraction for the 3rd time will cause a prohibition of using the bicycle for a period of three months. The 4th excess of the period of use will prompt the Med BIKE System Administrator to permanently deprive the User of the registration card or to enter to the computer application a permanent limitation of use as well as to issue a prohibition to issue a card or code for a period of 1 (one) year of the last excess of the period of use.
    If the User does not return the bicycle in the 24 hours’ period of lease, he or she will automatically be banned from using the bicycle for 3 months, and such a deed will be considered an act of stealing. If the user damages or steals the bicycle, Med BIKE will charge him or her for the damage.
    The bicycle has to be used at one’s own risk. Users take full responsibility for damages caused by themselves. This also relates to complaints by third persons, but does not have any effect on the damage compensation demand. Users are responsible for all additional damage and expenses which may occur in case they do not collaborate with the inspection team during establishing the damage and seeking for the offender. Med BIKE is responsible for the deliberate or rough negligence which would harm the Users. Med BIKE is not responsible for things transported in the bicycle basket.

    How old do you have to be to use this service?
    Persons older than 18 are allowed to use the service. Persons under the age of 18 are not allowed to use the service (except if they are accompanied by a major person who hired the bicycle; in such a case the major person takes full responsibility for acts and the possible damage which could occur due to the underage person’s use of the bicycle).

    Use of the protection helmet
    Med BIKE suggests the users to wear a protection helmet, but children up to the age of 16 have to wear it.

    How do I know that the bicycle was properly returned?
    The locked padlock symbol on the parking place indicates that the bicycle has been properly returned.

    What do I have to do if the parking rack does not fix the bicycle?
    Repeat the procedure on some other parking rack. Leave the bicycle off into the parking rack and wait for the acoustic signal. If you succeeded in parking the bicycle, the symbol of a locked padlock will appear on the parking rack. If the symbol does not appear, or the symbol X appears, contact the telephone number +385 (0)52 385 350.

    For emergency interventions (emergency calls) dial the telephone number +385 (0)52 385 350.

    Am I allowed to take more than one bicycle at the same time?
    No, with the single-use code or card you may take only one bicycle.

    What do I have to do if I returned the bicycle and I cannot take another one?
    Maybe you haven’t locked the bicycle properly. Take care to check on the parking place indicator if the bicycle is properly locked. Wait or call the telephone number +385 (0)52 385 350.

    There are bicycles on the station but I cannot take them. Why?
     It happens when the system detects a failure and when a bicycle not suitable for use is blocked. Such a condition is indicated by a small red cross on the parking place indicator.

    How long am I responsible for the bicycle?
    Users are responsible for the bicycle from the moment they took it from the parking rack to their proper return to the parking rack.

    Is the Med BIKE system compatible with the City of Pula public bicycle system – Bičikleta?
    Yes, it is. The bicycle hired at the Med BIKE system may be returned to the Med BIKE system parking places as well as to the Bičikleta system parking places. If there are Med BIKE system bicycles on the parking racks of the Bičikleta system and the Users still hold a valid code or card for the lease of bicycles of the Med BIKE system, they can hire the bicycle by entering the code to the pile or by leaning the card to the place marked on the Bičikleta system parking rack.