Walking routes / Banjole Bombište

Banjole Bombište

The starting point of the Bumbište walking route is in the car park in the small harbour in Banjol. We head south along the workshop of a small shipyard and enter a pine forest with a view of sandy and rocky beaches. We continue walking along the coast, which becomes steeper while the sea becomes deeper. Along the route, there is a trim trail. We reach a forest clearing with a beautiful view of the Fraškeri archipelago. After that, we continue along the forest path past vineyards and olive groves, and then exit onto an asphalt road with a view of the quaint cove of Centinera. We walk past houses and wheat fields to the harbour, which is the end point of our route.

The route is 2.5 long and easy to walk along. The tour takes about 45 minutes. During the walk, you can admire the views of the small harbour, pine forest, unspoilt natural beaches, islands and coves.

  • Location Medulin – Banjole –Bumbište route no. 301
  • Distance 2.5 km
  • Starting point Banjole harbour
  • End point Banjole harbour
  • Difficulty easy
  • Elevation 64 m
  • Highest point 28 m
  • Lowest point 1 m
  • Surface Asphalt and gravel
  • Duration 45 minutes
  • Asphalt 0.7 km
  • Gravel 1.8 km
# Km Elevation Mark Location Direction
1. 0 3 m Banjole harbour Head south along the asphalt road towards the shipyard entrance.
2. 0.6 4 m Banjole harbour Turn right from the asphalt road next to the shipyard workshop.
3. 0.8 5 m Banjole harbour At the end of the workshop wall, turn left into a the woods and continue walking along the coast.
4. 0.9 26 m Forest At the T junction, continue straight ahead along the coast.
5. 1.4 6.m Bumbište At the widening, turn right into the forest.
6. 1.75 13m Centinera Continue straight ahead onto the asphalt road to Banjole.
7. 2 11m Centinera At the junction, turn right and head eastwards.
8. 2.4 9m Banjole Turn from the asphalt road onto the footpath.
9 2.5 3m Banjole harbour Car park: end point of the route.