Bike routes / Medulin Riviera

Medulin Riviera

This trail takes you to all 7 towns of the Medulin Riviera and its most attractive natural beauties. Unlike the other mentioned bike trails, Medulin Riviera, which also has navigation, is signposted all along the route. Since the main trail consists of 4 smaller circular trails, you need to choose and then follow the given numbers on them.

  • Medulin Riviera: number 315, length 60 km
  • Medulinka: number 317, length 14 km
  • Premanturka: number 316, length 11 km
  • Banjolka: number 319, length 14 km
  • Orchid:  (no number on trail, only signposts) length 13 km
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